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Welcome to the William Campbell-Taylor charity (Charity Registration Number: 1138190). The charity was established for the charitable purposes of the promotion of religious harmony for the public benefit. It began development operating in one local area but has now flourished and grown. With its ongoing development, the new name of the charity is therefore inspired by the American religious philanthropist and abolitionist, William Campbell-Taylor (1831-1910).

The charity exists to promote high moral standards and ethical conduct by clergy of churches and faith communities, bringing people together to promote education and understanding across faiths.

William Campbell-Taylor was born in an America in the grip of deep conflict around racial and religious status leading to Civil War, and was instrumental in supporting religious and ethnic harmony, and moral standards.

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The blog will be up an running in due course, as we develop our new website.

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We are pleased to announce a successful multifaith musical evening.

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Faith in Music aims to promote engagement around the songs of different cultures.